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Black 2 FAQs

Has Black 2 Been Updated?

There was a VERSION 2.0 update & various fixes to the recipe (an even better black!). Here’s some more info about the improvements made:. With just one coat almost any object (even really shiny ones) becomes super-black and reflects next to no light,

How Much Coverage Can I Get Out of Black 2?

Coverage 2m x 2m (approx.) per bottle. (some surfaces require 2nd coat, porous surfaces should be primed first)

Can I Mix it Into Resin?

Technically yes, but it will not stay matte! If you're looking for a glossy black finish then this is for you! We recommend using Epoxy Resin.

How Can I Get the Best Result from Black 2?

Here’s how to use Black 2 the RIGHT way :). Nothing complicated, just use it like paint. Brush, roller or thin with water to spray. Share what you did on Instagram with the hashtag:  #ShareTheBlack

Is Black 2 Hazardous?

Black 2 is very safe to use. Just don’t eat it, drink it (even though it smells yummy), and don’t get it in your eyes. Wash it off your hands after use. Do not tattoo with it.