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Has Black 2 Been Updated?Updated 4 months ago

There was a VERSION 2.0 update & various fixes to the recipe (an even better black!). Here’s some more info about the improvements made: 

  1. New pigment mix - significantly black when dry 
  2. Mattifiers updated - less colour tinting
  3. Pre-mixed - just one bottle, ready-to-use acrylic paint with the perfect base to pigment ratio
  4. More affordable - we've sourced more affordable ingredients 
  5. Some uses reported base solidifying in transit - this has been fixed
  6. Can be thinned with water to achieve ink-like flows with little colour loss
  7. Can be thinned with water to create dyes  

With just one coat almost any object (even really shiny ones) becomes super-black and reflects next to no light, giving a Vantastic black hole-type effect. 

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