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THE BLACK 3.0 STORYUpdated 4 months ago


Made by Artist Stuart Semple

Made because Anish Kapoor won't share his black with anyone else 

I created a new resin that holds more pigment than other acrylic, capable of trapping much more light. I developed a pigment (Black Magick) that is totally matte. (Normally black pigments are slightly shiny). I have added a variety of brand new transparent mattifiers to flatten out stray light.

*Everyone, expect from Anish Kapoor can use Black 3.0

Anish Kapoor was given exclusive rights to use Vantablack. This of course sparked a furious reaction from fellow artists as no one should be able to own colours! Stuart then decided to make Black 3.0 and make sure all artists around the world can use this amazing material, expect from Anish Kapoor. 

Stuart first developed Black 2 in 2017, after releasing "Better Black" pigment a month earlier. He starting funding for Black 3.0 in January of 2019 through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. In just three and a half months Stuart managed to smash the target with 2000% more then the projects goal! So many artists wanted to get their hands on a bottle of the Blackest Black paint and use it for themselves!

Up to this day it's the Stuarts best loved material with thousands and thousands of people owning it around the world. 

Here's a 60 Seconds Docs video explaining Stuarts story:

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