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The World's Blackest Black Paints
The World's Blackest Black Paints
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Can I Find Stuart's Materials in Any Shop?

It's not something Stuart can offer at the moment!. He really likes to distribute the paints directly from the studio so that the team can be in touch with the artists that use them and really give them the right level of support!. Because all the pa

Can I Use Your Paints on Fabric?

Sadly we don't recommend using most of my paints on clothes. Acrylic paints cant be washed. You can use Tiff and several of my other potions on leather though, as long as it's creased. So for example: a lot of artists paint designs on leather jackets

Can I Mix Your Powders with Clothes Dye?

Hmmmm, good question! I don't think they are likely to be durable enough for clothing especially leather, I'd probably recommend sticking to dyes developed specifically for clothes because they will be much better.

Can I Paint my Whole Body with Your Paints?

Sadly none of my paints have been certified as skin safe, they really are made for ART. However we have seen them be mixed into latex in adult toys, it's probably fine but legally we have to tell you that it hasn't been tested, might not be safe and

Do Powders Contain VOC'S?

No!. VOC's tend to be in paints such as latex or emulsions. The powders don't have any!.

Are your Paints Archival?

Most of the pigments are archival. Also the metallic ones (except from mirror) are. The neons are not quite as light-fast, so they will need a UV varnish to help protect them longer term. Black and White are good to go too! The LITs are fine.

Are the Art Materials Vegan Friendly?

Yes, yes, yes!!. I’m actually a vegan, and beyond that the paints are human friendly too. Everyone involved is treated properly and we have never ever and would never ever test anything on an animal and won't work with anyone that has!

What is the Shelf Life of Stuart's Art Materials?

In general with art paints, I would stick to 1-2 years as standard for acrylics. A lot will last longer but that's always a safe bet. ● Powders and pigments should last for at least 5 years as long as they aren't in direct sunlight, and don't come in

What Happens If I Mix the Paints of Pigments with Concrete?

You absolutely can mix them with concrete!. It does work to 'tint' the concrete, the issue is that concrete is opaque... so most of the colour is INSIDE the dried materiel. You can of course paint concrete once it's dry.

Is it Possible to Use Any Paint with an Airbrush?

Great question!The simple answer is yes, a lot of the paints will spray as they are, straight out the bottle. Mirror is great, rainbow liquid too. All the potions can be sprayed but need to be thinned with water (about 30% depending on your nozzle) I