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THE MIRROR STORY. Made by Artist Stuart Semple. Stuart has once again cracked the code!. For decades printmakers have been trying to crack this! And artists around the world have been asking and asking for this!. A brushable mirror/chrome paint!.

How Do I Use Mirror?

We're glad you asked!. BEFORE ANYTHING!. Unlike our other materials, Mirror is solvent-based so please use it in a well-ventilated area!. Don't leave on your skin, drink it, eat it, etc. DON'T BE A DUMMY. You can spray it with an airbrush BUT make su

Why Should I Use Mirror?

This is your very own liquid mirror in a bottle!  It is an ultra high grade mirror/chrome potion hybrid solvent based coating.  We’ve packed a lot into a small package!. For the first time EVER it’s now possible to brush apply (or spray) a truly real