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What’s the Best Varnish to Use with Lit?

Anything you like, but the clearer the better!.

Which LIT is Brighter? Can you Measure the Lumens?

All the LITs are different. The classic green one, you can charge with any light source but the yellow will need to be charged with UV I.E: sunlight. We can't measure the lumens because the brighter the light you charge it with the brighter it will g

Can I use LIT and Superbase on Metal?

You can't just mix the LIT with water it won't stick to the metal, you need to mix it with Superbase or a clear varnish. Superbase is great with LIT and will work really well, if you want a very clear base then you can use clear nail varnish, but the

Can I Mix LIT Directly into Oven-Bake Polymer Clay? Will Heating it up Make the Product Less Effective?

You can mix it straight in! Putting it in the oven is going to be at your own risk though as we've not actually tested it! I can't see any reason why it can't go up to about 100 degrees C. We'd love to hear from you if you have tried this. Please let

Can I Mix LIT Powders into Other Paints?

You can mix any of Stuart's glow pigments into latex paint, but the colour of the paint will coat the LIT and effect the amount it will glow. For example if you mix green LIT into green acrylic, the LIT pigment will get coated by the paint so won't g

Are the Powders and LIT Pigments Safe to use in Things Such as Candles?

NOPE it'll burn and make horrible smoke! Please DON'T try this as we want to keep you lovely lot safe.

Are the LIT Pigments Small Enough to be Added and Used Successfully in Screen Printing Ink?

Yes! They are super fine and should fit through a screen and will mix into a screen printing base medium if it's clear, NOT pigmented!.

If you Mix the LIT Pink with the Pinkest Pink, will it make it Pinker and Glow the Same?

No. By mixing the LIT powder with pinkest pink instead of Superbase the glow of the pigment will be diluted. The LIT will do the same to the Pinkest Pink colour too and might appear LESS pink.

Can I Mix Nail Polish with LIT?

It will harden in a couple of days, mix it with clear polish in a little dish then paint your nails!

Does LIT Work Okay Mixed with Latex Paint?

It all depends! Normally latex paint coats the particles so they don't glow anywhere near as brightly. It prefers to be mixed into something clear like a varnish and then painted over a latex paint. Superbase is the best thing to mix it in. If you mi