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What Coverage Does the 60ml Black 4.0 Have in M2?

Should be around 1m2 one coat.

Is Black 4.0 Non-Toxic?

Yes, but I wouldn’t drink it.

Can I Spray Black 4.0?

Yes, it can be thinned with water and our own FLOW for use with SPRAY or an airbrush. You would need to experiment and see what nozzle and ratio work best for you. Drop us a DM with your results, I’d love to see how you get on!

What Paint Brushes Do You Recommend For Use With Black 4.0?

I always recommend good quality soft synthetic brushes. Some of my favourites are Liquitex Freestyle, Pro-arte Sterling, Coltman or Cryla.

Can I Mix Black 4.0 Into Resin?

No, epoxy resin will damage it. I wouldn’t suggest mixing it into epoxy resin, clear varnish or any other paints.

What Surfaces Can I Use Black 4.0 On?

Black 4.0 works with most surfaces: wood, paper, canvas, plastic, metal, plaster etc!

Can you use Black 4.0 On a Car?

We are so sorry but 4.0 isn't durable enough to be used on your car or anywhere outside. At this moment in time... In the meantime, here's a video of DIPYOURCAR experimenting with the paint using it on a car:. But we wouldn't recommend it!

Can I Use Black 4.0 Near an Open Flame?

It's not flammable however it's not flame retardant either. As it's a waterborne acrylic it's not flammable in the way a solvent paint would be. Sometimes I know people need artwork to be fire proof for example in a theatre, and black 4.0 doesn't mee

Is Black 4.0 Suitable for Outdoor Use?

No, sadly this paint is not waterproof and may get damaged outdoors. There is no clear varnish as matte as this paint to protect it and attempting to use any top coat over BLACK 4.0 will likely ruin the finish.

Does the Black Collection Include an Ivory Black or Bone Black Pigment?

Sorry no, Stuart hasn't made a bone or ivory. He always tries to make materials you can't get anywhere else. There are some amazing Bone and Ivory's out there. Stuart's blacks are designed to absorb loads of light, and be very flat and velvety. They

Which Black 4.0 Shade is Best Suited for use Under Lighting, I.E: Halogen Lamps?

Black 4.0 is the blackest black we do. So it will absorb more light than any other black. Saying that, if you put a light right near it it will reflect about 1% of that light back at you. So the brighter the light and the closer it gets, the brighter