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Is White 2.0 Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Sure!. It will be fine, but a protective coating is needed.

Can I Paint My Car, Skin, Cat, Nails or Shoes with White 2.0?

Yes! (except the cat and skin). However note that it is not waterproof and may crack so these may not be the best use of this lovely paint.

What Surfaces Can I Use White 2.0 On?

White 2.0 works with most surfaces:. wood, paper, canvas, plastic, metal, plaster etc. Don’t forget to show us what you create and tag us @culturehustle and #thinkbrighter

Can I Mix White 2.0 Into Resin?


What Paint Brushes Do You Recommend For Use With White 2.0?

I always recommend good quality soft synthetic brushes. Some of my favourites are Liquitex Freestyle, Pro-arte Sterling, Coltman or Cryla.

Can I Spray White 2.0?

Yes!. It can be thinned with water and our own FLOW for use with SPRAY or an airbrush. You would need to experiment and see what nozzle and ratio work best for you. Drop us a DM with your results, I’d love to see how you get on!

Can I Dye Clothes with White 2.0?

No, sadly, it will just crack on fabric and will get soaked in. The fabric medium will damage it and you won't be able to wash it as it is an acrylic paint.

Is White 2.0 Non-Toxic?

Yes! but I wouldn’t drink it.

What is the Coverage of a White 2.0 Bottle?

The 150ml bottle should cover about 1.2m2

Airbrushing White 2.0

In our experience airbrushing White 2.0 is that it needs to be thinned out with a thinner rather than water. 1:1 with water is fine for "spray guns" but the finesse of an airbrush needs just that extra little help. We normally start with 2 parts pain