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THE UNICORN MILK STORYUpdated a year ago


Made by Artist Stuart Semple

Unicorns have always been closely affiliated with Stuart Semple and the Culture Hustle team. They have often worked hand in hand to explore the sheens in colours. As a species, the unicorns are a generous lot and share Culture Hustle’s ethos of creativity.

They haven’t always been treated this way. The Unicorn sanctuary was founded in 1997 after we took in 2 sets of breeding pairs, terribly mistreated and in need of human compassion. Following years of neglect, they now enjoy as a space designed for Unicorns to thrive in open fields and fresh watering holes. Now that they have recovered from their trauma they have begun to produce their own exquisite Unicorn Milk which they wanted to share with the world. We are excited to be able to share this with our artist friends around the world. You can now paint their lustrous milk over any colour to bring that potent unicorn magic to your own creations.

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