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THE DEF|ENSE STORYUpdated a year ago


Made by Artist Stuart Semple


No one cares about the artist.

Until now.

As a master of Contemporary Art, Stuart Semple knows what it means to be in the white heat of the art world and the terrible toll it can take on the physical and psychological state of the artist.

The artist is constantly exposed to elements more piercing and harmful than any Antarctic cyclone.

And create they must. In spite of the pain. In spite of the criticism.

Now there is a material that protects the artist from the insufferable heat and crushing cold of the art world.

DEF|ENSE is an effective artist's cream that protects your skin from absorbing harmful materials. It quickly dries to form a protective film when working with wet or dry paints and powders. It's brilliant if you don't like the expressive restriction of using gloves. If you are creating every day you will find yourself touching or getting splash back of paint no matter how careful you are - this will create a protective layer against cumulative exposure.

Also DEF|ENSE has been developed in conjunction with the world’s greatest psychologists to protect against the mental strains of living the life less ordinary.

  • No critique of your work will pierce the carapace.
  • No doubt will enter your head because criticism will slide from your skin.
  • You will be stronger.
  • You will be better.

With DEF|ENSE, you can be the artist you need to be.

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