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How to Use LITUpdated 19 days ago

How to Use LIT: Your Guide to Creating Glow-in-the-Dark Masterpieces!

Hey creative friends! Ready to explore the magic of LIT, our new light-emitting pigment? This guide will show you how to make your art glow, with tips and tricks to make the process easy and fun. Let's light up your world!

What is LIT?

LIT is a 100% pure light-emitting pigment powder. It's a mix of natural earth pigments and synthetic ones, designed to glow for up to 12 hours—even in some ambient light! This makes it perfect for adding a luminous touch to your art without needing complete darkness.

Why You'll Love It

  • Long-Lasting Glow: Up to 12 hours of brightness.
  • Versatile: Works in various lighting conditions.
  • Easy to Mix: Compatible with different mediums like acrylic and oil.

What You'll Need

  • LIT Pigment
  • Super Base (recommended) or another acrylic medium
  • Water
  • Mixing Tools (spoons, containers)

Getting Started

  1. Gather Your Materials: Have your LIT pigment, Super Base, and water ready.
  2. Protective Gear: No special gear needed, but work in a clean area to avoid spills.

Mixing LIT

  1. Ratio Guide: Here's a tried-and-true ratio for a glowing paint mixture:

    • 5 parts LIT pigment
    • 2 parts water
    • 2 parts Super Base
  2. Steps to Mix:

    • Add 5 parts LIT to your container.
    • Pour in 2 parts water and mix well. LIT absorbs water nicely, but remember, it needs a binder.
    • Add 2 parts Super Base to the mix. This binds the pigment and water together, creating a smooth, custard-like paint.

Pro Tips:

  • Experiment: Feel free to adjust the ratios to suit your project.
  • Binder is Key: Without a binder like Super Base, the pigment will fall off once dry.

Application Ideas

  • On Canvas: Paint your canvas with LIT for a glowing masterpiece.
  • Draw with Light: Use a small torch to draw designs on your LIT-coated surface.
  • Heat Activation: Warm your hands and place them on the LIT surface in a dark room for a unique glow effect. You can also use a hairdryer or warm water to activate the glow.

Show Off Your Work!

We’re excited to see what you create! Use LIT on everything from paintings to sculptures, and share your glowing art with us. Post your creations on social media with the hashtag #ShareTheLight.

Have fun, get creative, and let your art shine bright! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Happy glowing!

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