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How Do I Use Mirror?Updated 7 months ago

We're glad you asked!


Unlike our other materials, Mirror is solvent-based so please use it in a well-ventilated area!

Don't leave on your skin, drink it, eat it, etc. 


You can spray it with an airbrush BUT make sure you have a mask on! The fumes aren't your friend. 

Keep away from the kids and animals

Don't get it in your Eyes!

Here's some tips to get the best out of Mirror:

  • Clean your brushes with white spirit, turpes, etc. Not with Water!
  • Use a good soft synthetic brush
  • Seal the porous surfaces first, PVA is recommended!
  • It doesn't dry quite the same as the paints you're use to so make sure to leave it to dry for 24 hours in a cool (not cold), well-ventilated area before touching it.

Here's a really helpful by Stuart on How to Use Mirror the Correct Way:

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